Quiche lorraine

Quiche lorraine


Quiche filling

  • 0.500l milk
  • 0.500l cream
  • 0.200kg Comté cheese
  • Grated nutmeg (for memory)
  • 9 sheets of gelatin
  • 0.212kg egg whites
  • 9 sheets of gelatin
  • 0.200kg smoked lardons


  • 0.125kg flour
  • 0.075kg butter
  • 0.100g grated Entremont Comté cheese
  • 0.005kg sugar
  • 0.002kg cumin
  • 0.002kg salt
  • Pepper (for memory)


Heat the milk, cream, and Comté cheese in a sauce pan. Add the grated nutmeg and blend. Add 9 sheets of gelatin and leave to cool. Brown the lardons and add them to the mixture when cooled. Beat the egg whites until soft peak stage, melt another 9 sheets of gelatin and add them to the egg whites beaten into meringue. Delicately blend the two mixtures using a maryse spatula.

Pipe circles of about 5cm in diameter and 2cm high. Make the pastry by adding the Entremont cheese, cumin, and sugar. Roll out to 0.5cm thick and bake at 180°C for about 10 minutes then cut out 5cm diametre circles in it. You need two circles for each meringue circle. Like and Ice-cream sandwich

Roll in grated cheese to decorate. 

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