The benefits of dairy products and cheese

You probably already know that milk and its derived products (fermented milk, yoghurt, cheese, etc.) have nutritional qualities that give them a special place in a balanced diet. Entremont sheds light on the benefits of cheese in a few words.


As you already know, it is good for bones and teeth and recommended for the development of children. 99% of calcium is stored in bone and the rest flows around the body to help blood clotting, blood pressure, and muscle contraction including the heart. Unfortunately, the body cannot make calcium on its own, therefore it needs to be provided, for example by eating diary products which have the highest calcium content.


85% of it is associated with the calcium in bone and teeth and it contributes to grown and tissue regeneration. It also helps make energy reserves that are quickly available which is where its reputation of being an energy booster comes from. Of all food, dairy products have the highest phosphorous content.

Vitamin B12

It is very important for the body and omnipresent in cheese. This vitamin helps make red blood cells and contributes to the functioning of the nervous system.


It contributes to immune responses, taste perception, and wound healing.

Vitamin B2

It contributes to growth and tissue repair as well as the production of hormones and red blood cells.

Vitamin A

It keeps the skin healthy and protects against infections. Its antioxidant role is just as well known as its role in vision.  Vitamin A also contributes to bone, nail, and hair growth. Luckily, it is contained in all cheeses!

Source : CNIEL