History of Entremont


And what if Entremont was told to me...

The Entremont saga is rooted in Haute-Savoie and begins with a love story ... that of three brothers for a cheese: the Emmental. The Entremont brothers were on to something when they started their cheese business in 1948! Two years later, they were already bringing the first wheels bearing their name to Annecy from the mountain pastures.

Their cheese was of excellent quality right from the very beginning of the production of these wheels. Emmental quickly became the dominant cheese on cheese counters, a cheese board essential, and later the cheese to melt in dishes of all kinds. A cheese is born, its story has only just begun...

70 years in summary...


Creation of the Entremont business in Annecy by the three Entremont brothers.


Maturing of the first wheels brought in from the mountain pastures directly in Entremont's cellars in Annecy.


Start of the "pre-packaged" activity and launch of the first "Entremont Master Cheese-Maker" communication campaigns.


First appearance of Entremont on television.


Birth of the famous slogan "Entremont, c'est autrement bon".

1993 & 1996

Entremont acquired Juragruyère (Emmental and Comté) and then Stegmann (Germany).


Entremont took a 75% stake in the CNP's (Compagnie Nationale à Portefeuille) capital.


The 2000s were marked by the acquisition of Eurosérum, the successive creation of Beuralia (with SODIAAL and Union Beurrière), Nutribio (with SODIAAL), and Entremont Alliance (with the branch Dairy Products UNICOPA) in 2005.


Entremont joined the SODIAAL cooperative group, leading French dairy cooperative.