Entremont's Comté

Savoirs Faire Entremont : la fabrication du Comté

The secret of Comté

Entremont's Comté cheese smells of Jura mountain farms and the special flora that grows there. It sweats grasses and flowers that abound in mountain pastures giving the milk produced by Montbéliardes cows its special character. Diary cows are raised according to traditional farming methods that follow the seasonality of summer pastures and fodder in the barn during the winter for greater biodiversity and milk quality.

This is undoubtedly why Entremont's Comté has been awarded the Protected Designation of Origin label every year since 1958 but also because this cheese bearing with the emblematic bell is a rare product which is made from a valuable raw material. Every day, raw milk is collected in local farms and poured into copper vats (cheese makers) to be heated up, churned, and then pressed into comté cheese moulds. A few hours later, the Comté is taken out of the moulds to begin four months of maturing in the purest tradition on centuries old spruce boards in cellars under the expert eye of our master cheese-makers. At Entremont, maturing begins in warm cellars to release all of the aroma potential of the wheels. Our master cheese-makers look after these wheels every day and develop a range of comté cheeses with varied flavours and character reflecting their respective regions.

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