Cheese portions? Entremont has something for everyone and for all tastes! With our Les Terroirs range, cheese lovers will be able to feast on quality flavoursome cheeses. And for gourmet treats to share with the whole family, the Essentials range with milder cheeses has something for everyone at all times of the day thanks to its different formats. A range without compromise!


The whole family loves their fruity and mild flavours. They are available in formats for cheese boards, treats, and picnics. Everyone loves our Essentials range portions! They taste good in food too! Their original flavours ensure that food lovers find what they are looking for and their ideal cheese! Now, it is each to their cheese!

Les Terroirs

This is the ideal selection for cheese lovers! Rich aromas, quality cheeses, most with a  Protected Designation of Origin or Protected Geographical Indication, Les Terroirs is a range developed by Entremont to help you compose your cheese boards or gourmet snacks. A delight at any time of day!