Fondation Eau, Neige & Glace

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Our commitment to the Eau, Neige & Glace Foundation

Under the aegis of the Fondation de France

The Eau, Neige et Glace Foundation supports actions of general interest in favour of water, snow and ice in mountain regions. It supports projects involving scientists and sports and mountain professionals. It encourages awareness of the fragility of the use of water from the mountains as much as it takes action by funding research projects.

"Towards a sustainable management of mountain water"

Entremont Alliance supports a burning and urgent environmental issue through the creation of this Foundation. Why invest in this mission? Because Entremont was born at the foot of the most majestic eternal snows of Europe. Because we identify with these athletes who are desperately trying to preserve the beauty of their playing fields, and because advancing scientific knowledge and environmentally responsible actions is a battle that seems essential to fight for us ... today and tomorrow.

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