Our values

Entremont Groupe Coopératif

Our cooperative momentum

By joining the Sodiaal Group, the leading French dairy cooperative, Entremont adheres to its values: solidarity, equity, and transparency for its producers. And that changes everything! Our group's cohesion is based on this team spirit and trusting relationship between dairy producers and Sodiaal and Entremont employees.    

Our expertise

Entremont was created in Haute Savoie in 1948. Today, almost seventy years later, our company is anxious to preserve this traditional expertise. Effectively, a high number of our cheeses are Protected Designation of Origin cheeses which guarantees compliance with the region of origin and strict specifications. Not to mention that Entremont is the only French brand that matures Emmental made with pasteurised milk using traditional maturing techniques.

Our 100% French milk

If you want to buy French, you have come to the right place! 100% of the milk used to make our cheese is French. We have also been engaged in a NFV01007 certified quality process for twenty years: Sodiaal's La Route du Lait (link is external).

Consumer focused

One of our primary daily concerns is to meet consumer expectations, demands, and gourmet whims as closely as possible. And yes, this is our best source of inspiration as well as being the most daring! By listening to you, Entremont innovates and offers products that are ever closer to your needs. Such as, for example, the survey on raclette which revealed that 50% of French consumers cut off the rind of raclette cheese before eating it.* Entremont did not need any more encouragement to create the first rindless raclette cheese.

*Test on 140 consumers conducted in 2008 by ADIV Marketing.