Entremont Groupe Sodiaal

A differently cooper'active group

Sodiaal. Does this name mean something to you? It should. Dozens of dairy brands among the most famous on your table belong to our cooperative: Entremont, Candia, Viva, Yoplait, Régilait, Cœur de Lion, Yop, Le Rustique… Sodiaal is a dairy stakeholder that matters and which acts for its industry, from farm to fork.

Sodiaal is, first and foremost, France's largest dairy cooperative.

13,200 member producers who are all shareholders of the cooperative all uphold common values of quality, solidarity, high standards, and innovation.

Through La Route Du Lait®, which is a new Quality process devised by the group in 1997, Sodiaal undertakes, along with its 13,200 producers, 70 production sites, and 9,400 employees, to guarantee an impeccable quality of milk from farm to fork.

What is La Route Du Lait® ?

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