Sustainable development

L développement durable Entremont

Entremont commits to the planet...

... and future generations !

You probably know that SODIAAL is a cooperative group which has well-known dairy brands. However, our cooperative's identity and sustainability relies, first and foremost, on our core values of respect for the environment, preservation of the Earth, and ethical commitments regarding society and animals.

In 1997, true to its principles, Sodiaal launched it first collective quality management process for the French dairy industry. This initiative was called "La Route du Lait" and each of our members implements National Good Farming Practices proposing a common reference.

This charter is certified "Agri-confiance" and includes seven major themes around cattle health, well-being and nutrition and, more generally, protecting the environment. The first "Route du Lait" travelled was a great success!

Today, on the way to the "Route du Lait 2020", Entremont intends to further strengthen its responsible actions around six new themes:

  • Reduce our environmental footprint, reduce consumption of energy and water, the production of liquid waste and other waste, and develop innovative approaches (see inset on road rail transport),
  • Choose responsible purchasing based on risk analysis by country and product  through the widespread integration of a code of conduct for our suppliers,
  • Create a global ethical framework for all our actions, with the obligation to respect and promote global ethics in the conduct of our business, including the fight against fraud, corruption, anti-competitive practices, and discrimination, with our partners.
  • Improve the quality of the work of our employees by establishing a safer culture, improving working conditions, improving the satisfaction of members and employees, and implement actions in favour of disability, learning, and training.
  • Guarantee the compliance and safety of our products to develop consumer trust. The idea is to implement appropriate internal measures, ensure better transparency and dialogue with our customers, develop eco-design, and reduce packaging.
  • Improve productivity and transparency for our stakeholders. By developing the local roots of Entremont sites, we consolidate our position as a proactive partner recognised by the authorities, communities, and civil society stakeholders.


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Entremont on the rails!

One of our original environmentally friendly ideas is for our cheeses to travel by train! Road-rail transport has existed for a number of years and helps limit the environmental impact of our products transiting between our sites in Western France and those in Eastern France. A train of progress for Entremont which celebrated its 10,000th container transported between Rennes and Lyon in 2015.