Ravioli and Entremont Gruyère gratin

Ravioli and Entremont Gruyère gratin
4 serves
Preparation time : 15 minutes / Cooking time : 30 minutes


  • 12 Dauphiné ravioli
  • 2 packets Entremont Gruyère grated cheese
  • 2 courgettes
  • 6 slices smoked salmon
  • 60 cl two parts, crème fraîche, one part milk


Rinse the courgettes and cut fine strips using a razor (or a paring knife).

Pour about 5 cl of the diluted cream into yout dish or the OptiGrill Snacking & Baking accessory and arrange 3 of the ravioli on top. Top with courgette strips, some smoked salmon and cover with Entremont Gruyère grated cheese. Pour over some more diluted cream and repeat the steps above. Finish with a final layer of ravioli topped with Entremont Gruyère grated cheese and cream.

Ensure the contents does not reach the top of your dish or the Snacking & Baking accessory or the cheese might stick to the underside of the OptiGrill lid. Place the accessory under the OptiGrill, close and bake for 25 minutes at high temperature (orange setting) then a further 5 minutes on the red setting.


Photo Credits : Stéphanie Iguna @Geekandfood

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