Crazy for burgers

Burgers need no introduction. This American national dish is eaten all over the world, particularly, thanks to the development of food trucks. The burger is increasingly popular in France too. In 2000, 1 in 9 sandwiches was a hamburger; today it is 1 in 2. Not to mention that 75% of French restaurants now have at least one burger on their menu (Source: Gira Conseil). What are the product trends? Entremont makes your mouth water with tasty ideas for gourmet burgers. Get cooking!


You are spoilt for choice in originality here with brioche, grain, and muffin breads.


Prefer French meat, shaped by hand and marinated, shred, smoked, or seasoned with herbs. Any type of meat can be used, including pork, lamb, and chicken. Salmon and foie gras burgers even exist! Veggy burgers are also very popular.


It is the terroir and taste which will all the votes. Dare the Munster, goat cheese, or blue cheese. Cheese can also be the main ingredient in a burger with pre-sliced Emmental or Gruyère which are very popular with European burger lovers. In the end burgers are very versatile and are good in all of its forms! Slices of Raclette or Reblochon cheese can give a "mountain" feel while Mozzarella combined with dried tomatoes and pesto gives a distinct Italian feel.

While savoury burgers are good, there are also sweet and sour versions, such as the Hawaii burger with pineapple or, more surprisingly, as an actual dessert. Each savoury ingredient is replaced with a sweet trompe l'oeil ingredient. Mayonnaise can be replaced with pastry cream, lettuce with mint leaves, tomato slices with strawberries ... a real surprise for dessert!