Ossau-Iraty PDO

Ossau-Iraty PDO

Differently baaaa!

Entremont's Ossau-Iraty is as gentle as a lamb! Or rather as the Basque and Béarnaise ewes that produce the whole milk used to make it. After at least 150 days of maturing, this PDO* hard cheese with an ash-yellow rind develops a smooth and supple texture with a light nutty flavour!

A pure sheep's cheese and cheese board baaaast-seller!


  • Format: 180g

* Protected Designation of Origin

Average nutritional values for 100g

Calories Total fat Satured Fat Total carbohydrate Sugars Protein Sodium
1675kJ / 404 kcal 34g 25g <1.5g <0.5g 23g 1.7g