Beaufort PDO

Entremont Beaufort PDO

The name of a master!

King of cheese boards, Beaufort PDO* is a hard pressed cheese made from raw milk produced by Tarine or Abondance dairy cows. In the heart of the Tarentaise Valley, this cheese is pampered by the master cheese maker for at least five months. This is how Entremont's Beaufort develops its variety of subtle flavours which are both fruity and floral.

A noble cheese which is majestic on the palate!


  • Format: 200g

* Protected Designation of Origin

Average nutritional values for 100g

Calories Total fat Satured Fat Total carbohydrate Sugars Protein Sodium Calcium
1646 kJ / 397 kcal 33g 21g <0.5g <0.5g 25g 1g 850mg